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Sameer Kumar, J.D.

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Who Should Work With Me?

Work with me if you want results, are willing to invest to get them and want a lawyer who makes the process as simple and stress-free as possible. In other words, you focus on work, life, family, etc. Let me take care of the immigration.


Types of Cases I Handle?

Employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, naturalization and most things in between. 


Who Shouldn't Work With Me?

If you're looking for a a cheap lawyer, we're not a fit. If you like to question everything, we're not a fit. If you want to be the expert and "help," we're not a fit.


What Should You Expect?

If you become a client, you should expect me to do everything I can to help you achieve the result you want. You should also expect me to be open and honest with you . . . as I will expect from you.


How am I Different?

I talk to everyone like a friend. I return calls and emails (you'd be surprised how many lawyers don't). I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. And I genuinely care about my clients.


Can I Trust You?

I can't answer that. Talk to me. If we like and trust each other we'll work together. If we don't, we won't.

Sameer Kumar, J.D.

Who Is This Immigration Lawyer Guy?

Hi, I'm Sameer.  A simple, smart, down-to-earth guy who likes working with simple, smart, down-to-earth clients . . . who I like and who like me.

I'm married, have a son and am a big health and fitness guy.  Nothing is more enjoyable for me than dinner out with good friends and great conversation . . . well, except playing with my son.

I've been practicing since 2001, focused exclusively on immigration, and everyone on my team is caring and brilliant.

I approach every case with a very simple question, "If I was in your shoes, with the immigration knowledge and experience I have, what would I do?"

Welcome to my world . . . let's get down to business ;)

Here's What My Clients Are Saying

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I had the best experience with you guys. Sameer and his team are excellent at their work. They kept me informed throughout, answered all my questions and were very responsive throughout the process.

I was impressed by his 60 second approach on the website, setup a consult with him. As he mentioned on the website, he was so friendly. His staff was also polite and nice to speak to, very responsive even late hours. I would 100% recommend him to any of my friends and family who needs an immigration attorney.

Sameer really knows his stuff. During our consultation with my girlfriend and I about visa and green card issues, Sameer was direct, clear, and compassionate. We really appreciated the specific and confident opinions he had on our legal matters, whereas other lawyers have felt a little wishy-washy to us in the past. Also there was no "sales pressure" at all. If you have a pressing immigration issue I highly recommend you give Sameer a call.

Starting from the first conversation with Sameer and his staff on the phone, to the consultation till now they have been very helpful and professional. Sameer is great to work with, he is very thorough and logically sound with his advice and plan. My wife and I are consulting him for our Green card application and are very happy with his help. We would recommend him to everyone who could benefit from his expertise

Sameer Kumar is extremely attentive to details. He discovered nuances in my case that my previous lawyer missed and was able to remedy them before they became a problem. He guided me and my company step-by-step and got the exact result we were looking for. He always makes time for me and has been very helpful. I recommend him 100%.

It was an absolute delight to meet Sameer for consultation. He takes the case very seriously and looks at all possible alternatives. This indeed shows that he possesses a wealth of knowledge about immigration law. I was extremely satisfied with his services. Highly recommended!

We have been working with Sameer for over a decade. He was referred to us by a friend. To begin with, we engaged his services as immigration counsel for our company. He was always professional, intelligent and trustworthy. Quality services and a solid work ethic is a hallmark of his practice. Sameer and his courteous staff were always willing to go the extra mile to keep us abreast of all developments. The professional relationship developed into an easy friendship right from the start. If anyone I know has needed an immigration lawyer, I have directed them to Sameer and his team without hesitation. Thank you Sameer :)

Sameer is my family's immigration attorney. He handled my parents' green card filing and got them approved. He is also handling my green card process plus I had a separate discussion with him about a complicated H-1B matter. Sameer explained everything to me in detail and was able to ease my nerves (my H-1B was approved). My family and I made the right choice by hiring Sameer.
Sameer, you are THE BEST!!! Thank you for always taking good care of us.

Sameer Made the Process Simple and Stress-Free. I hired him to help me through my citizenship application and he delivered 100%. He definitely knows his stuff but most importantly he is genuinely a great guy. Thank you!

Great experience I met Sameer when I applied for green card. He answered all the questions I had and it was very easy to work with him on getting all the paperwork done. He was always very approachable. I highly recommend him.

My husband and I met Mr. Kumar back in 2019 and hired him to help us with my marriage-based green card. The process was super-smooth.  USCIS did have one concern about my birth certificate (due to policy differences between my birth country and the U.S.) and Mr. Kumar took care of everything.  A few weeks ago I had my interview and last week I received my 10-year green card.  Thank you all so much!

I thought the immigration process would be difficult and taxing, but with Sameer's help, it was so smooth. He is an expert who cares and treats you like family. His team is so kind and professional.  Everyone was so easy to work with. Sameer, you are an angel from heaven. He is never too busy for you. He makes himself completely available and is willing to go above and beyond. Thank you and your team for all your hard work and dedication. This was such a pleasurable experience due to your competence and integrity.

Sameer is really awesome lawyer I have known him for so long and I would definitely say , he is the best , amazing in his work  :)

Extremely helpful, on time and down to earth. Best experience with a lawyer. Felt like speaking to an old friend who was supportive and wanted the best for you.

We had a unique case that was not only challenging but like most situations in immigration law it was an emotional toll on our family. Sameer and his time helped my husband and I feel comfortable and supported every step of the way. With him in our corner, we knew we would get through anything. I can’t recommend him enough. I spoke with a lot of lawyers before him and he was the only one that I felt like I could trust with my case. Thank you, Sameer!

I was planning to go back to my home country to get my H-1B visa stamped and had some concerns about my DS-160 form. Mr. Kumar did an exploratory call, answered my questions and eliminated my concerns. He was caring and down to earth.  A good man to work with.  Thank you Mr. Kumar.

I Know Sameer long back and funny part is that things are done on time but we have only met personally once never needed to go to his office work was always done on time i know Sameer for at least 10+ years

It was a pleasure working with Sameer! He made us feel very comfortable about the complex AOS process and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend working with Sameer.

Mr. Kumar has been wonderful helping me understand what are the options and what can be done to get my sisters a green card.He really looks for the best options available and he explains the plan and the process very well.He is a very nice person and very easy to talk to.His assistant Maryer is very polite and very helpful.I highly recommend them

I consulted with Mr. Kumar on a nuanced topic as it pertained to my H-1B visa. He provided the exact information and guidance I needed.  He talked to me like a friend and even shared with me what he would do if he were in my shoes.  Thank you.  When anyone I know needs an immigration lawyer, I'm sending them to you.

Sameer was pleasure to work with and answered all my questions efficiently and honestly. He helped me determine all my options and future plans. I would recommend him to all my friends. Let me tell you, it is very hard to find someone who is actually helpful. I never had a positive experience with an immigration attorneys until now. His team is helpful, friendly and fast.

I'm really glad found and hired Sameer with my case, really put his time and effort, understanding, friendly, honest opinions person, reachable (on top of answering calls, emails, questions and meetings), really great lawyer to work with, also even much better his office is 2 blocks from where I live.. perfects! Will I recommend him to family, friends and others? Definitely with no doubts I'll be glad to do so. For Sameer & his team, thank you so much guys!

My fiancée and I spoke to Sameer to better understand the process of obtaining a legal status for her along with the implications of dual-citizenship. Sameer was able to answer all of our questions, gave us a strategic approach and provided realistic expectations of processing times during COVID.  Thank you for all your help and we will definitely be reaching out to you as soon as we are ready to file.

I highly recommend Sameer to anyone who wants to file for their green card. Just last week, my husband received his. Sameer prepared the documentation and prepped us for the interview so well that the officer didn't ask for anything. It was quick and easy. A big thank you to Sameer and his team.

I highly recommend giving the Law Offices of Sameer Kumar a call! Sameer is not just exceptionally knowledgeable, he is also very friendly and does his best to make himself available even on short notice. He actually immersed himself in my particular situation and helped me understand my options from various perspectives. Even the scheduling and payment process is simple, it's a pleasure to work with him and his friendly staff.

Would recommend Sameer in a heartbeat! Talking to him help me clear out all the doubts I had about my case and that is crucial because it has given me a very good sense of direction, I know what steps need to be taken in order to achieve what is important to me. He is knowledgable and professional and what really stood out to me is the human connection and understanding I felt from his part, he listened to me carefully in order to give me the best possible solution.

Last week, we received my wife's Reentry Permit. There were some hiccups with USCIS (no fault of Sameer's) and he was able to get everything back on track.  Thank you Sameer.  We could not have done this without your help.

I reached out to Mr. Kumar regarding some H1B1 questions I needed answered urgently.  He was kind enough to shuffle his schedule to accommodate me. Our discussion was productive. Mr. Kumar guided me through my options and the pros and cons of each. This was exactly the guidance I needed.  Thank you Mr. Kumar.  Glad my friend referred me to you :)

Sameer is sincere and honest. He has a no-nonsense approach and held our hands through the entire immigration process. My mother-in-law now has her green card. If you're looking for a lawyer that treats you like family, talk to Sameer. Thank you and we'll definitely be working with you again.

Amazing Experience Working with Sameer! A great to go person. My consultation was regarding Immigration law for Alien petition and issues around an unfaithful marriage. He answers all my questions as a friend and guided me way out of this. Will certainly recommend him to my friends and family.

It was an outstanding experience to work with Mr. Kumar and his team. Five stars is not enough. My experience was well beyond that. It was amazing! I hope I never have to deal with a situation like this again but if any immigration matters does arise in the future, whether for me, my friends or my family, Mr. Kumar will not be one of my recommendations, he will be my ONLY recommendation. He represented us the way we needed to be represented and his approach is unbelievable. He was the only attorney I found who was courageous enough to take our case and give us hope. When every other attorney was saying, “You have received a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) and we cannot take your case,” Mr. Kumar not only took my case, but he got it APPROVED. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Spoke to Sameer and Maryer today regarding my wife’s F2A case. He was very friendly and upfront about how to approach the situation. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family in case of any Immigration related questions or legal advice. I look forward to working with Sameer and his team in the near future.

Sameer was very knowledgeable and an excellent lawyer. I am very pleased with his advice and amazing ability to simplify very complex matters. He is very easy to book an appointment with and explains legal issues and solutions very well. I would recommend him for anyone needing an outstanding immigration lawyer that needs help and wants results.

Sameer was a wonderful lawyer to work with and helped my husband and I secure my green card. From the first conversation to the end of the process, he went out of his way to ensure we had all the relevant information and any issues were handled immediately. Thank you for everything!

Working with Sameer and his team has been a pleasure because of their professionalism and warmth of personal touch. We were able to meet all of our goals and keep track of everything with ease.

I recommend you to work with Sameer. He has a broad experience on this area.

Sameer was able to identify my legal issues and provide me with sound advice. He is personable, caring and knowledgeable. Sameer helped me with immigration and family law. I highly recommend him to my family and friends because he treated me like a friend. Most folks with or without prior dealings with the law and lawyers will find Sameer to be a unique and refreshing attorney. He puts your mind at ease, gives you confidence and makes you feel like you have a friend in your corner. Sameer's honesty is clearly exhibited in his personal interactions with his clients. Choosing Sameer as my legal counsel was the best decision of my life!!!

Thank you Sameer for your help while I was in daVIZta and subsequently at IntegriChain (after the takeover). At daVIZta you helped me to obtain the L-1A visa and come to the U.S.  You and your staff were also quick to address any questions/clarifications that I needed during that process. Your timely help and documentation were also invaluable when my family and I were in a tricky situation as a result of the company takeover. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a competent, knowledgeable and friendly immigration lawyer.

His quick response and honest answers to my questions made it easy to know what steps I need to take next, even without a consultation.

Very knowledgeable and helpful immigration lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.

I've been working with Sameer Kumar for almost a decade. He has been with me from my H-1B renewals to my family's Adjustment of Status. I've been with him throughout all these years for one reason . . . I trust him. My husband and I just recently got our green cards. It was a long road, but I knew we were in good hands. I will always recommend Sameer and his team. Great person, great attorney.

The communications and services were always prompt. The team always made time to get on a call and clarify our queries during uncertainties of the pandemic. Would definitely recommend their services.

As someone who had completed all the laborious legal work himself for both the adoption and Green cards for my two children from India years ago, as well as for the citizenship of my adopted nephew just before he turned 18 in 1999, I am particularly appreciative of Sameer Kumar's absolutely first-rate work in assisting me and my now 33-year-old adopted daughter in applying for her citizenship (finally, after literally nearly three decades of planning to fulfill this important responsibility VERY SOON. . . . ) Not only was Sameer’s impressive promptness and complete professionalism the perfect foil to my own glacial pace and obsessive approach to unnecessary detail, but his immense optimism and endlessly resourceful, lightning-fast wit (as he put it with his typical right-on-the-mark sense of irony when I referred to the latter—“What? A lawyer with a sense of humor??? You’ve got to be kidding!”) were invaluable in what would ordinarily have been not only a tedious and often discouraging process, and without his superb assistance and guidance, quite possibly a nail-biting nightmare, had I tried to complete everything myself at this stage in the new complexities of the immigration system. I am happy to give Sameer my highest possible recommendation. Brian

Absolutely would recommend Sameer to everyone who needs his services. 

I worked with him for my mother’s green card after being overwhelmed with trying to do everything on my own. My husband and I had a consultation with him and then immediately decided that we wanted him to handle everything going forward. I had never worked with a lawyer before and I was really intimidated and anxious at first but I am really happy we chose him. He and his team are professional, friendly, easygoing and really made us feel like family. We know that this is his job but he never once made us feel like he only wanted our money and never pressured us with anything. He and his team were prompt in their responses over the phone and through e-mail and I never had an issue needing to get in contact with him. He walked us through every step of the way from the moment we walked in the door to the moment my mother got her green card and he made everything really easy to understand. I genuinely never thought I would be able to complete this process for my mom but Sameer took all of the weight off of my shoulders. Myself and my entire family are overwhelmed with gratitude for Sameer and his team. I will absolutely recommend Sameer to anyone I come across that could benefit from his services.

Sameer helped my parents obtain their permanent residence in just 7-months! We were expecting the process to take significantly longer so when the approval notices arrived ahead of schedule, we were pleasantly surprised. Sameer and his team were responsive, kind and made sure everything went smoothly. Thank you all :)

Had a great experience working with Sameer and his team. My wife has been working with him since 2005, and he has guided us through multiple employment based work visas and finally our Green Card. Really appreciate the quick start, verifying all forms for accuracy and the efficiency. Every thing was submitted well within the deadlines. I would highly recommend working with them.

This was the first time we used an attorney for advice on an immigrant case and it went extremely well. We were provided with great advice which helped our case tremendously. We appreciate his time and the courtesy we received from the office upon arriving there. Would recommend to anyone who needs advice.

I engaged the services of Sameer for my Green Card application. I initially tried to apply without the assistance of an attorney, but this just resulted in a huge disaster. Sameer made the process very simple. He was very professional, friendly, punctual for all meetings and was always reachable when I had questions. I would highly recommend Sameer!

The most professional and awesome lawyer I have ever met! He knows every detail about immigration. He answered all my questions very patiently and is very humble. If anyone is looking for immigration lawyer,  he is the one and only one I would recommend. Our green card questions answered , application approved and awaiting interview. Thanks Mr. Sameer and his amazing team.

Thank you so much Sameer. That was one of the most informative sessions we've had with an attorney. Thank you for clearly explaining our options, the process and most of all, alleviating our concerns. We know our nephew will be in good hands :)

We are very pleased with the service we are receiving today and in the past from Sameer. He is very helpful, courteous and an all around pleasure to speak to. We have always gotten a very quick response when we have called for assistance and received excellent answers to our questions. He always makes us feel better about whatever the situation is. We are really glad we have chosen the Sameer as our attorney . He takes a lot of stress off of our head and shoulders. Again I must commend our attorney Sameer; he is very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Ashok Jersey City, NJ

A Really Excellent User Friendly and Competent Attorney. I consulted and finally hired Sameer in 2010 to assist me in getting my elderly Mother her Green Card. Firstly, he came down to my level and explained the whole process in layman's terms and also honestly laid out the possibilities and time frames. During the entire process, he kept in close touch with me with the progress, coming across not only as an Attorney but more like a family member. Over the last six years, I have strongly recommended his services to three of my family and friends, who were in need of Immigration services - and none of them have had any regrets. A Good Man and a Great Attorney

Had a great experience working with Sameer and team. Really appreciate the quick call to action and the efficiency. Every thing was submitted well within the deadlines. I would highly recommend working with them.

I received my green card in the mail last month and my wife and I are still celebrating! Thank you Sameer for everything and we will definitely be referring you (in fact we already have). Next step, citizenship :)

My husband and I had decided to go about the immigration process ourselves but unknowingly made a huge mess of our case. By the time we contacted Sameer, we were very nervous about how this was going to resolve. Thankfully Sameer was so helpful! In addition to being a thorough and extremely knowledgeable lawyer who put together a solution for each of our mess ups; he approached us like a friend in that he was honest and immediately put us at ease! Thanks to Sameer, what started out as a truly painful process, became a breeze :)

Sameer is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable with respect to student/work/business immigration matters. When I talked to him about my H1B visa, green card application and later on about my citizenship application, he gave an in-depth explanation for the recent trends and changes which influenced my ability to strategize my immigration issues. His advice and services proved invaluable on all three occasions. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a lawyer who delivers results in an efficient, professional and expeditious manner.

I have been working with Sameer (through my company) since before the pandemic. He handled my H-1B, I-140, kept me updated on immigration policy changes, took care of my wife's H-4 and finally, our green cards (which were just approved). Sameer, I know you are technically the company's lawyer but never once did you let us feel that you weren't working for us directly. I also appreciate the fact that even though we are on the opposite coasts, you were there to take my calls even after your regular working hours. Thank you for that and thank you for caring. We are very excited about having our green cards!

For our consultation, Mr. Kumar was patient to answer all our questions regarding a complex case. The feedback he provided was insightful and unbiased. It helped my family understand our case better, and know what steps to take next.

Griselda and I would like to thank you for all your help in acquiring Griselda’s Green card. Your understanding and assistance from the very beginning provided us with confidence and excitement. The process played out exactly as you initially described and we were thrilled to finally receive the actual Green card. We would recommend you, Sameer, to anyone seeking assistance with immigration issues. Definitely a 5 star review.

Sameer was recommended to me by a friend after I was having trouble finding a lawyer to help me file for the H1B. I was on a time crunch and Sameer and his staff really pulled through to make it happen! They made it as easy to understand as possible and were very responsive to any questions my employer and I had along the way. Sameer really cares about his clients and it shows. I am so thankful we found him and have already recommended him to a friend looking for visa advice. Thank you, Sameer!

We are consulting with Sameer on an extremely complex immigration case. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a proactive attorney who is willing to spend time with you personally and be proactive. That combined with his zeal has given my family and I a little peace of mind that we have someone reliable who we can count on.

Sameer is simply the best. I've worked with him on and off for almost 20 years and he's always taken such good care of me and everyone I have referred to him. He's a great lawyer and a really good guy. Thank you for everything Sameer!

I want to thank you for making my citizenship quick and smooth transition. Your company call all the time to make sure I'm ok. Everything went as it was planned. Thank you for being there for me. I appreciate all the hard work that went with this process. I would recommend you to others.

I spoke with Mr. Kumar on behalf of a friend who was exploring immigration options to come to the U.S. Mr. Kumar walked me through all options from the most practical to some that were a stretch. It was great to find someone that had such a vast knowledge of immigration and could run me through so many options. Thank you :)

Sameer and the rest of the staff (Rajita/Maryer) were wonderful to work with. Sameer is a confident lawyer that knows how to get the job done. My wife and I are type A personalities who asked an abundance of questions throughout the process. Sameer and the team eased our concerns every time. We highly recommend them for any immigration needs!

i found Mr Sameer Kumar very knowledgeable, he knows what he is talking about,  with his right advice, he helped me to save the money and get the job done. would highly recommend a consultation with him, before trying anywhere else

A true gentleman and an approachable personality. He understands the problem thoroughly and helps to find an acute solution.

Best lawyer ever. Very professional, very friendly. A lawyer who understands your needs. I highly recommend him.

Sameer Kumar and his team have been with me in my journey to get my citizenship and I have no words to describe how professional and knowledgeable they are. Also want to mention Maryer and how helpful she has been. They have been consistently in touch with me and on top of everything in the past one year until the day of my interview. Sameer is an awesome lawyer and a great person. He always responded right away to my emails and had the answers to all my questions. He gave my case a personal touch and I cannot thank him enough.

We had several questions regarding the petitions my wife had filed for her family so we contacted Mr. Kumar.  He answered all our questions, explained the entire process and presented us with a strategy going forward. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything.  My family and I truly appreciate it.

It was very pleasant working with Mr. Sameer Kumar. Although I didn't have a big case but nonetheless he was professional, knowledgeable and courteous at the same time. He also recommended another lawyer for a different type of case who also had the same great qualities as himself. I highly recommend him and I'd reach out to him myself again if I ever needed help regarding an immigration issue.

I’m so happy that I decided to work with Sameer.  At first I was reluctant because he was more expensive than the other attorneys out there.  But after reading his reviews and speaking with him I knew I wanted to work with him.  Sameer is honest, caring and easy to work with.  My mother just received her green card without any problems.  Thank you Sameer.  You will always be the lawyer I recommend.

The thing that impressed me the most about attorney Sameer Kumar and his firm was the fluid communication between this firm and myself. At times it is challenging to get a weekend appointment. However, I was able to get one right away. Attorney Kumar and his team were extremely professional and their invaluable experience gave me a sense of peace that they would do what was in my best interest.

There is no better feeling than knowing you can trust your attorney and firm to do whatever is in your best interest and that they genuinely care about the needs of your family. Attorney Kumar is not only knowledgeable, he is caring and compassionate. These are qualities that are not always demonstrated in law firms, but if you are looking for an immigration attorney that will thoroughly prepare you to get results and provide guidance and support as you go through the process, this is the best option available.

I can't believe that I finally received my U.S. citizenship! It's been such a long road. Thank you Sameer for being with me every step of the way right from the beginning. This is so emotional and I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me.

Rajita, thank you for helping in completing all the paperwork (I know it was a lot) and for answering all my questions. Without your help it wouldn't have been possible for me to get my citizenship.

Last but not least….. Maryer, I also want to thank you for your help that you did with coordinating everything, conveying messages and always keeping me updated. You handle things very well. Thank you.

I really appreciate each and everyone's help from the bottom of my heart. There are not enough words to express my happiness.

 Thank you all!

I have worked with Sameer for a variety of immigration issues for more than 10 years. I can say without a doubt that he is one of the most caring and compassionate lawyers I've ever met. He treats me like family. When any of my friends or family have an immigration issue I always refer them to Sameer. Abhishek & Neelam

I would highly recommend Sameer Kumar to anyone that is seeking to engage with an immigration attorney. My experience with him was very professional and useful. He took the time to understand my requirement and provided useful ideas. Also he assured me to contact him anytime I need to follow up. Thank you very much, Sameer.

I just received my 10-year permanent green card. We did it!!! What a great Team!! :) Thank you so much for your help and constant efforts, Mr. Kumar. It was a long journey and despite my difficult circumstances, you gave me a hope through the entire process and made sure I was taken care of. Thank you for always being there..Looking forward to working with you in future and will truly recommend all my friends to you and your team! :)

Working with Mr. Kumar on our H1B Visa Status was the best decision we could have made! He was very professional in his approach. We were in our last 60 days "grace period" and had absolutely no idea of how to go about it and what to expect. Mr. Kumar laid out all the possible options with action items and we felt so relieved! Personally I feel its never always about the 'Money factor', its about being able to understand and put yourself in the other person's shoes and trying everything in your capacity to make the other person feel comfortable and confident at that level. By God's grace we were able to find a job before the last day of our grace period, however I truly believe that he would have gone over and beyond to help us if need be.

Ms. Ramos was absolutely amazing too!! She followed and checked if we had any questions or concerns. we truly appreciate this great team work. we would absolutely recommend this team to our friends and family. And if you are like me, who would read the reviews before taking the step, I would highly encourage you to talk to them cause they are the BEST!! Very professional yet very comfortable to talk to. Cheers to Mr. Kumar and his team!!
Thank you.

I’d like to give them 10!! Their amazing service started with promptly answering all my questions to how patient and understanding they were with my financial situation. Sameer was so helpful, giving me options and explaining every possible result so that I could make the most educated decision. I’m so thankful I found this firm and will refer anyone I know in need of your service. I look forward to working with you all next year..

Working with Sameer has been one of the best decisions we could have made.  We were under an incredibly tight deadline when we found him.  Sameer and his team worked throughout the weekend to make sure everything was completed on time.  We received our green cards faster than we could have imagined. Thank you Sameer.  You are genuinely an incredible lawyer.  We will definitely be telling all our friends and family about you.

A friend, a professional and an outstanding Immigration Attorney… In my opinion, Sameer is one of the best immigration attorneys out there. His genuine warmth and kindness make it near impossible not to become his friend. Thank you Sameer for being a friend and a professional advisor for all our immigration needs. Sameer provided professional advices for my employment-immigration needs and B2 visa issues for my mother and father in law. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Not only does he spend time explaining the filing process but he also make sure he asks the right questions to understand each individual case to find best possible and successful outcome. From the first conversation, he correctly predicted what to anticipate in our cases. His expertise has given me confidence to continue with the firm. He has instilled true piece of mind in me when I have any immigrations questions and needs. This has saved me tons of sleepless nights and grey hairs. Sameer exudes outstanding leadership, professionalism and talented. The clarity of purpose, friendly approach, patience and lastly, but most importantly, his customer focus is just what makes it a pleasure to work with him and his firm. He lives by the ‘client needs first’ mantra every single time… I will recommend him every single time I’m asked to recommend any lawyer for immigrations needs! He is simply outstanding.

I would like to try and make this short and simple because words can't describe how truly amazing and professional Sameer has been with my wife and I with our immigration case. He and his team have been extremely attentive and have worked closely with us to make this process as smooth and as quick as possible he was very clear on what was needed and most importantly has ALWAYS spoke with the truth something that many attorneys lack on now a days . His professionalism and work ethic is beyond expectations i wish I would have met him before as I have had bad luck with some other but I'm glad he took our case and not only that he was able to get us a positive response from USCIS in less than 2 weeks that's excellent!! I highly RECOMMEND his law office for any and all type of immigration cases he is flexible and has the experience we need!!!! IN FACT i have already set up an appointment to meet next week for a different case that I will hire and need his services for my parents who are over seas and to process their paperwork and I have full confidence that he will do the best he can and whatever it takes to make this one another one of many successful cases he has had throughout his career. THANK YOU SAMEER!! Not only have you spoken to me us as our attorney but also as a friend and that meant a lot your sincerity/honesty and thoughtfulness will remain with us and I have and will continue to refer your services to any and all my friends and family!

Sameer is a knowledgeable lawyer and is genuinely interested In helping out. I reached out to him after my employer received a complicated RFE for my H-1B. He took the time to sit with me and my employer and explain, step-by-step, what needed to be done. I like the fact that Sameer doesn't sugarcoat anything. He pointed out errors the previous attorney made but then guided us on how to best address them. I would 100% recommend Sameer to anyone looking for an intelligent and caring immigration lawyer.

Sameer is very professional and knowledgeable attorney. He understand your problem first and then suggest the best legal advice. He will go above and beyond what is been asked. He is very good in following up and keep updating you what ever concerns to your case. I personally like him and will definitely recommend him for your immigration issue. I was also skeptical before visiting him but after first consultation, I walked out with confidence and peace of mind. Keep doing the good work Sameer !!

Very approachable and well versed in law!

Consultation was very helpful and informative. would strongly recommend

Very approachable and well versed in law!

Sameer is very knowledgeable and treats his clients professionally. He is very attentive to his client's needs and address the issue based on the circumstances of each and every case. I'll definitely recommend him for any immigration need.

Sameer, thank you for taking such good care of us.  Because of you my parents were able to get their green cards in record time and they are ecstatic.  We are all grateful for your help and loved working with you. Thank you for the good work but more importantly, for treating us like family :)

Loved working with law office of Sameer Kumar. They are prompt in response and super fast in execution. We took their service to file for green card for my parents. My parents got green card in record 3 months... all thanks to great paper work done by Sameer Kumar's team.

I have recently received my green card from USCIS. Thanks again, Mr. Kumar and Team. We really appreciate your support and guidance throughout the process! Your responsiveness to all my questions was immediate and informative. I would also recommend you to anyone who has immigration concerns.

I had a great experience speaking with Mr. Kumar.  A very intelligent, easy to speak with lawyer and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone needing an imigration expert.

I would definitely recommend Sameer to anyone looking for a great immigration lawyer. He and his team are very responsive and quickly respond to emails. He is well informed, knowledgeable and gives a practical and best advice. What I really appreciate is he asked his assistant Maria to follow up with me a week later just to check if everything went well as planned. His concern and personal involvement is much appreciated. I really trust him and in case I need again an immigration lawyer in the future, no doubt that I'll ask him. Thanks so much Sameer !!

Sameer is very knowledgeable and incredibly responsive when working with us. We ran into multiple potential obstacles, questions and concerns where we often sought Sameer’s expert opinion. He was always quick with a response and presented not only one answer to our questions but often times outlined both sides of the coin from an objective perspective to allow us to approach our situation in a way that was best for us. Sameer and team did a great job helping us understand the process and kept very open lines of communication through out our visa process.

Great experience even though it was over the phone. I really appreciated the fact that on a Saturday morning he took my call and took the time to speak with me. I know where I'll go if I need an attorney in the future!

Sameer is the best in his business, he maintains high service standards and provides the appropriate guidance based on the case. He is approachable and i had a very good experience working with him.

My husband and I hired Mr. Kumar to file for our Naturalization and now we are officially U.S. Citizens!!! It was great working with Mr. Kumar and his team. His assistant Maryer is extremely polite and very helpful. They guided us step-by-step through the entire process, answers all of our questions and put us at ease. Mr. Kumar and his team are methodical and precise in the way they handle everything from the first call to the time we have our Naturalization Certificate in hand. We had our interviews and were scheduled for our oath ceremony on the same day. We are glad to have chosen Mr. Kumar for our immigration needs. I highly recommend them.

I consulted with Mr. Kumar regarding my wife’s naturalization filing. He explained the physical presence and continuous presence requirements for citizenship and how they would apply in my wife’s case. Once we were done Mr. Kumar took some extra time to also explain how my children would derive U.S. citizenship through me and my wife, and what would need to be done to obtain their certificate of citizenship. Thank you for going above and beyond Mr. Kumar. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Sameer Kumar was very knowledgeable and professional throughout my consultation. I very much appreciate his prompt availability and  willingness to see me on short notice. Highly recommendable!

Sameer is a professional and knowledgeable attorney. He helped me out with my green card. He preped us really well before the interview. I would recommend him to anyone for immigration issues.

Sameer Kumar and his associates in his law office are absolutely fantastic! The immigration process is very complicated and an extremely daunting task for the average person. Sameer and his team make the entire process simple, without appeared effort, all with his clients best interests as his utmost importance. I can't think of a better team to work with and highly recommend Sameer as the number 1 choice for your immigration needs. Save yourself the time and aggravation if you need an immigration legal team and just call Sameer. His team will treat you like family and get it done right the first time. 
Raritan NJ

Sameer is great, the whole team is so down to earth and helpful. They are very knowledgeable and give you a detailed overview of all possible case senerios and i truly appreciate that. Maryer is so light hearted and puts in extra effort with jokes, they really make this experience as stress free as possible. To find a lawyer that actually talks to you like a friend or a family member is hard but sameer and all of his team members are just genuinely caring people and make you feel like a constant priority and that is honestly so important us. I would highly recommend.

Knew exactly what we needed to do! He helped me with a self sponsor after my marriage went wrong, he knew exactly what was required for immigration office, stuff i never would of thought of. His always willing to help and answers every question you can have, his team are also very helpful and responsive. Sameer truly treats you as a friend in a very relaxed manner. Can't thank him enough and will definitely be recommending to friends and anyone i cross paths with. THANKYOU AGAIN!! I'll be in touch in a few year for the steps to become a citizen

I could not have found a better lawyer than Sameer. I’ve been working with him for years and he has taken care of my H-1B visa, my green card process and everything in-between (including a corporate restructuring). He knows what he’s doing and has always been there to answer my questions. He is honest, patient, tells you things as they are and most importantly, cares about his clients. Sameer, thank you for taking such good care of me and my family. I always recommend you to anyone looking for a great immigration lawyer.

I tried using a service and ran into some problems with a K1 fiance visa. I called Sameer and he knew just what to do. He treats you like family. Very patient and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with him. Well worth the money.

Sameer Made the Process Simple and Stress-Free... I had applied Permanent Resident Status (Green Card). Sameer always gave the right advice / inputs. His knowledge is extremely good. I am very thankful and wish him all the best! Jyotindra Raj Anand

Thanks to Mr. Kumar and his amazing staff I am now a U.S. Citizen.  From the first day I spoke to Mr. Kumar until the day I had my naturalization not a single detail was missed.  Mr. Kumar and the team guided us step-by-step, explained anything and everything and always answered our questions in less than 24-hours.  I’ve never worked with a lawyer or a team like this.  Absolutely amazing!!!  A special thanks to Joelle and Maryer who were so kind and patient with us.  I would highly recommend Mr. Kumar’s and his team’s profesional services.

I was an international graduate student on OPT when I got introduced to Mr Sameer Kumar and his team earlier this year. I got his contact from one of my father’s close friends. Mr. Kumar's team is very professional and did an incredible job patiently answering all of my queries about the immigration process for recent graduates. His team was also responsive and kept constantly communicating with me. I am glad I was able to get advice from Mr. Kumar before taking an important career decision. I would be happy to recommend Mr. Kumar to my friends in the future. And also thank you for sending in those delicious chocolates on my birthday.

Me and my fiance needed only a consultation, and Sameer made us feel like he was our lawyer for years. The price was a bit pricey but it totally worth it. Sameer wanted to know every detail of our case, and even stayed a lot longer over time in order to get all of our questions answered. So far we didn't filed our process yet, but we have no doubt about who our lawyer is gonna be.

I cannot thank Sameer enough for helping me get my greencard. It was a complicated situation, but Sameer made it so easy for me! His expertise, knowledge of law, and thoroughness with the paperwork assured that I received my green card without even having to go for an interview! The best part is that he did not even charge me much! He was absolutely a blessing in disguise and would recommend him to anyone and hire him again in a heartbeat!

Sameer is knowledgeable and reliable. He worked on my visa and have sent him some additional clients and he has never let me or anyone down. His advise is precise and he gets it done.

Have used various lawyers in the past but found Sameer to be the best. He was knowledgeable, professional, and always available if you had any questions. Definitely recommend him.

Sameer is very quick in responding to your queries and provide honest answers to my questions, since my case is little complicated i was in dilemma to proceed in which direction and Sameer's guidance is really helped to make the final determination. Thanks a lot for your guidance and patient approach while dealing my case.

Rarely do I find myself compelled to write something positive about a legal experience. But this was different. Sameer treated me like family and fought my legal battle like he was fighting for his brother. I appreciate that kind of dedication, professionalism and attention to detail. I highly recommend Sameer.

Sameer was a true professional with a heart from day one. He made my wife and I feel we were more then just clients from the first consultation. Him and his team were attentive throughout the whole process , always answering emails and phone calls. You could tell he was genuine and wanted to put us at ease with any questions we asked . He had us prepared for anything coming our way and didn't rest until we were satisfied. I highly recommend his services , especially if you are looking for honest advice and representation. We will be going back to him in the future with no hesitation.

Sameer is my kind of professional: knowledgeable, attentive, direct and compassionate. The same goes for his staff. The entire experience of dealing with the practice is very fluid and coherent: from the initial contact, to the pre-consultation, even the payment process and finally to the consultation and follow-up; it's a breeze. I have recommended the practice to friends and family and there are no two thoughts in my mind as to who my lawyer would be should I need legal help again.

I just had my oath ceremony for my Citizenship. Thank you for all your help. Mr. Kumar and his team are phenomenal. They are knowledgeable and so responsive. They made me feel like I was their only client. I am now an American citizen and couldn’t be happier :)

Several years ago I was introduced to Mr. Kumar by a friend to help me with my husband's green card. Everything turned out great then so I recently reached out to him again. This time for my parents’ green cards. Mr. Kumar provided me with an overview as to their options, outcomes based on each outcome and his recommendation. He’s knowledgeable, patient and addressed all my questions and concerns so I could make an educated decision.

Sameer is a very honest and straightforward lawyer. I have a very complicated and frustrating situation with my citizenship that he took on full force and explained to me very clearly and efficiently. His team are also on top of everything and extremely organized. Thank you so much for your help!

Sameer is a genuine and honest person. Not only will he be a lawyer but he will be a friendly face. Never have I met a lawyer that is as concerned about the person as he is about the case in his hands. Very professional, and very easy to work with.

Several years ago I was introduced to Mr. Kumar by a friend to help me with my husband's green card. Everything turned out great then so I recently reached out to him again. This time for my parents’ green cards. Mr. Kumar provided me with an overview as to their options, outcomes based on each outcome